Two exit rooms in Wrocław. Two diferent worlds. Greate fun for everyone.

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Trapped - Escape Room Wrocław

Your time is limited. You goal is to get out.


Find the key - get out.

To get it You will need ingenuity, cleverness, unconventional approach, determination, total concentration, observation, accuracy. Too much? Take the challenge, let's finde out if You have it in You!


Trapped - a new Exit Room in Wrocław

Escape Room/Exitroom in wrocław is a real life game. Groups of 2-5 people, you are locked in a room with a key. You have to get out in a given time period.

Along the way you discover the secrets of peace, solve logic and manual puzzles. Each solved puzzle brings you closer to finding the key - and escaping from the room .

To get out you will need: wit, perceptiveness, logical thinking, unconventional approach, fast association of the facts, communication and teamwork skills.

This unusual kind of entertainment provides great excitement and gives unique fun, develops mind, integrates the group. Fun for persons of all ages.

A good idea for a bachelor/maiden party, or integration of employees.
Take up the challenge and have fun like never before, checking both your ability for creative and outside the box thinking.

Positive emotions guaranteed.
Each room hides another secret. Become a part of the puzzle. Which room you choose at the beginning of the adventure with
You never had a chance to take part in a game like Exit Room . Check out the general rules. We guarantee an unforgettable experience and have fun.
Select a room, book the date and time. Bring family, friends, acquaintances, have fun and feel great. Portion of endorphins guaranteed. Do not hasitate.
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